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Every website needs Website Hosting and a hosting server is simply a big, powerful computer which sits on the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, making sure your website is available to anyone wishing to view it.

Having your website hosted with The Web Hub means your site is sitting on a fast, stable and affordable website server in Melbourne, Australia.

Our website servers offer all of the languages and services normally required by most websites.

Our Website Hosting Package comes with everything you and your website needs. HTML and XHTML and PHP languages, MySQL Databases, plus CSS, Java and Javascript. If you require Secure E-Commerce, our website hosting packages can support your needs. *

You also receive as many email addresses you need. You can even have email Auto-Responders set up to inform your customers that you are away for a short break.

All hosting accounts are subject to reasonable usage and excess data and disk space charges may apply.

Enquire today about hosting your website with The Web Hub.

* extra costs for SSL Certificates (Secure Servers) are billed directly to you by your chosen SSL Certificate provider.

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